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"Very Friendly Staff, cbd works great for sleep and anxiety favorite brands include cbd 101, life blooms organics, Luna cbd, and Hemp Lucid.”

-Mari D.

(5/5 star google review, May 2019)


"If you have chronic pain, don't give up on CBD and go speak to the people at Mary J Mart! I've tried several brands of CBD elsewhere, trying to find relief for muscle spasms and pain. I finally decided to go into Mary J Mart and speak with the extremely professional, knowledgeable and kind staff about my issues. They explained all the products to me in detail and made a recommendation of the Hemplucid 1000mg CBD tincture. After taking the tincture last night, I woke up this morning feeling the best I've felt in months. This CBD made me feel both mentally and physically SO much better! Thank you [Mindful Habits]!”

-Elyse F.

(5/5 Yelp Review, March 2019)


"My experience with the staff at Mindful Habits far exceeded my high expectations. Autumn was empathetic and knowledgeable. I immediately felt at ease with the information she provided. They produce their own product and it shows in the quality. I am grateful to have Mindful Habits as a resource for wellness products. Thank you again!”

-Warren Shook

(5/5 star google review, May 2019)


"They are very helpful and friendly”

-Juan Lopez

(5/5 star google review, April 2019)


"I was suffering from a Migraine for the first time in my life for over a month. I had seen my primary care and neurologist and they kept throwing different meds at me. From Ibuprofen, muscle relaxants to Imitrex and an antidepressant. I was not ready to depend on a pill with multiple side effects. I did my research and came to look for CBD to help! Autumn was super helpful, she explained all the different options for me. I was looking for THC free because my work tests. I went with Koi 500mg and within 20 minutes of taking my first dropper my headache lifted and felt better by 50%! I took the night dose and the next day migraine gone! I almost cried because for 1 month i woke up with a migraine daily!!! I haven’t had a migraine since and whenever I feel an aura coming I take a few drops and no migraine comes. I got the lemon lime flavor BTW.”

-Evelyn R.

(5/5 Yelp Review, March 2019)


"Great staff. Great place to get a variety of CBD products. CBD really helps with my shoulder arthritis.”

-Chuck Henderson

(5/5 star google review, May 2018)


"Amazing selection of all sorts of CBD products and a very helpful staff. These guys know their stuff. If you're looking to get into alternative plant based medicine, this is a great place to go. Also, they have an awesome online store!”

-Alex A.

(5/5 Yelp Review, July 2018)


"Autumn and Jess will take their time to answer any of the CBD questions you have. They are very knowledgeable and help you chose the best product for you. My personal favorite brand is Reed's Remedies... they are 100% organic and work better than anything I've ever tried.”

-Happy C.

(5/5 Yelp Review, August 2018)


"Very helpful and knowledgable staff. A lot of CBD choices.”

-Pablo Garcia

(5/5 star google review, June 2018)


"They have the best CBD products. The service is friendly and very helpful”


(5/5 star google review, March 2019)


"This place is like a One-Stop shop for CBD products. If they don't have what you are looking for, please tell them about the product. The friendly staff will find the product or recommend a superior alternative.”

-William Keith

(5/5 star google review, Sep. 2018)


"Very Nice and provided information on everything that is sold.”

-Chanel Luney

(5/5 star google review, June 2018)


"I saw this shop on the 101 and I had never seen just a CBD shop so I had to go back when I could and check it out. Autumn and Jess were so helpful and steered me in the right direction of what to use for my chronic back pain. They let me try different products and recommended products to me. They were super honest and knowledgeable about their products too. My sister had an extra Vape at home so I brought it back to the shop and they helped me by cleaning it, showing me how to use it, and filling me up with koi strawberry milkshake Vape juice to try it out. I absolutely love the flavor and will definitely be going back when I'm in town again. If you have chronic pain, I also highly recommend their CBD Theracream and the 101 sublingual Alleviate oil. I highly recommend that you check them out!!”

-Kelsey W.

(5/5 Yelp Review, May 2018)


"CBD 101 tincture helped with my HOT-FLASHES!!! THANK YOU” 

-Leticia Diosdado

(5/5 star google review, March 2019)


"Very helpful and informative. Pleasurable experience all around”

-Craig Smith

(5/5 star google review, Oct. 2018)


"Took my dad here after hearing some good things about the service. My step mom has been suffering from severe lower back pain, to the point were she was taking a lot of painkillers. Autumn the general manager was super nice and informative. She was also proud of the quality products she sells. I felt like she really wanted to help us out and get us the right products for what we needed. We took her advice. And I'm happy to say my step mom is finally feeling relief and recovering her body from the inside out. I was really happy with the service we received.”

-Birdie R.

(5/5 Yelp Review, Feb. 2019)


"Cbd product on point!”

-Jose Solis

(5/5 star google review, May 2018)


"This is a must go to place if you're looking for anything CBD related. The ladies there are extremely nice and informative. I thought I knew some things about terpenes but they schooled me in the best way and I left there enlightened to the true capabilities of CBD. If you're a first timer I suggest going when you have extra time to listen and learn because there are so many products and you want to get what's right for you.”

-Christopher Silencer

(5/5 star google review, Dec. 2018)


"Dayne & Alex are so helpful! I'm blown away at how much CBD has helped my lower back pain!”

-Peter Rasa Viviani

(5/5 star google review, Sept. 2018)


"I am so happy I found this place. Tori was extremely helpful! I've been having horrible anxiety lately and she helped me find the best product to reduce anxiety. She explained all the options and different products in great detail and was very nice and patient, answering all my questions. Service was great and I am very happy with the products she recommended. Highly recommend!”

-Josh I.

(5/5 Yelp Review, May 2019)


"AWESOME!!! So excited this opened up here in town! The employees are very friendly, helpful and informative. They have everything from gummies, capsules, tinctures, lotions to dog stuff and treats. Its so cool the world is becoming more aware how this medicine can really help people and animals…”

-805 Girl

(5/5 star google review, April 2018)


"Very knowledgeable.”

-Jamar H.

(5/5 star google review, May 2019)


"Very helpful...great quality products , i have been back 4 times…”

-Teran Davis

(5/5 star google review, Sept. 2018)


"I originally stopped here for someone with Parkinson's. He usually uses sublingual sprays to control the tremors, but they don’t carry that item. They do have tinctures which are full spectrum, but we ended up purchasing the gel caps, and they seem to be doing ok (they are not as good for the tremors as the sublingual sprays, but are awesome for pain!). The employees are knowledgeable and friendly. I ended up coming back for myself due to back pain and purchased the full spectrum gel caps and the CBD cream. I must say that I was blown away by how much the gel caps helped relieve the pain! After a week of finding no relief no matter what, all the pain was gone after the 1st pill! The pain does come back, but if I take 1-2 caps a day my pain is much more manageable. The cream is also an amazing item! It really helps in the evening! The only reason I didn’t give them 5 stars is because parking can be tricky. The parking lot is very small. And they don’t have much of a variety. I know they are still a growing company and hope they continue to get different quality products. I will (4/5 star google review, June 2018)

"Very helpful staff and organized, nice set up. If you're in the area, give them a visit. If I lived close, this would be go to.  You can order online as well.”

-Alex D.

(5/5 Yelp Review, Feb. 2019)


"Very helpful answered all of my CBD questions.”

-Tina Sullivan

(5/5 star google review, July 2018)


"Passed this shop several times while driving on the 101 and my partner and I  finally decided to stop by and it was great! I think it was the shop owner who helped us out and she was great. Customer service was 100%! Besides great customer service she was so knowledgeable about each and every single product about the shop. She made me feel a lot better about CBD since I am fairly new and I have very little knowledge. Highly recommended!”

-Jennifer M.

(5/5 Yelp Review, Aug. 2018)


"Just had a great visit! Autumn and jess answered all my questions about the differences between cbd and thc and they helped figure out which would work best for me seeing as i'm new to it all. Will definitely recommend everyone here.”

-Bea M.

(5/5 Yelp Review, May 2018)


"The people there are very knowledgeable and know what they are talking about.”

-Victoria Guillen

(5/5 star google review, July 2018)


“[Mindful Habits] is great spreading the word and helping people learn about the benefits of CBD Oil and the benefits. Autumn, Dane, and the entire team there is very kind and helpful to educate and help people learn more about the health benefits of CBD Oil on how it helps with every thing from anxiety, depression, seizures. I want to help give Jess the manager a thumbs up! Jess takes great care of me and is a great member of their team. Thank you Jess and [Mindful Habits] for supporting me and my CBD Product needs.” 

-Brighton B.

(5/5 Yelp Review, Sept. 2018)


"Great place, very knowledgeable owner. I got the vape pen and loved it  only down side was that it is already out and I got it just earlier this week. Supposed to last 300 puffs, for 3 seconds each (Or 150 puffs for 6 seconds per puff) but that didn't seem to be true ubfrotunately. Maybe tincture or one of the other options is the solution. Regardless, if you are reading this I would give it a shot, CBD really does work for pain and you don't get the high. I have pretty bad back pain and it did help. Only reason this isn't 5 stars is because the pen didn't last as long as expected, loved everything else. Plus first of its kind in the state apparently, very cool.”

-Andy S.

(4/5 Yelp Review, March 2018)


"Amazing customer service. I have been talking with one of the ladies from [Mindful Habits] and she is so very helpful and I can't wait to go in person and walk in and take a look at all that they have to offer. I love that they're all CBD, because sometimes that's all you want….I am really looking forward to coming in and checking out their products though. So far only have had an online experience but it's been all positive and great so far!”

-Rhonda L.

(5/5 Yelp Review, July 2018)


"Tori was so very helpful in helping me make the right choices regarding my pain. Thank you Mindful Habits! Sincerely, Debbie”

-Debbie D.

(5/5 Yelp Review, May 2019)